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Hi! I’m Christina.

Greetings from Houston, Texas! I’m a mom to three phenomenal babies, a global citizen, and a passionate de-junker.

My husband and I are both bilingual- which makes our kids trilingual. Josef speaks to the kiddos in only Chinese and I speak only Finnish with them. The kids and I are dual citizens, and Josef is Finnish by blood. Our kids all have Finnish names. Heikki Hannu, Kalevi Ulf and Annikki Kyllikki. Extra points to you if you know how to say those. I'm up for traveling to Finland with you whenever you want. 

For those of you who are photographers following along, I shoot with a Canon 5D mark IV and mainly use a Sigma Art 35mm and occasionally the Canon 50 mm 1.4.

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I help you remember.

I’ve had three babies- and it doesn’t feel like I was pregnant with my first one all that long ago. Somehow, the time just goes. Every day I really strive to make the magic happen- let it linger, soak in all those little feet, soft hands on my cheeks, the bath-time smell… it’s so precious.

I expose my photos brightly, because I remember my time with my children in bright light. Light twinkles through their eyes; they are surrounded with magic. I remember things in slow motion, with the sunlight shining through their hair, their heads back, smiling and giggling with nothing holding them back.

I’ve mastered how to photograph light and magic with my own children- and now I cannot wait to do that for you. We’ll be sitting with our husbands, wrinkled fingers entwined, sooner than we wish. What a blessing it will be for us to be able to pull these timeless photos out and laugh and cry together and rekindle that magic.

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You will feel so beautiful.

Maybe you had to endure hormone treatments, maybe varicose veins were your burden, or maybe you waited by the phone for years, waiting for the call to come that your baby was here and waiting for you. Whatever your story is, you are powerful and need to be documented.

Sometimes we feel lost with so many visions of “perfect” bringing us down. I know I do. But I don’t see anything but power and strength and beauty when I see you. You’ve given up your sleep, your hobbies, your body, your time. Gifts that cannot be bought. I truly honor you.

We mothers understand each other like no one else can. We’ve been through the trenches. Motherhood changes us. We see the beautiful, we notice the little things. Someday we will look back at photos of ourselves and think “I was so lovely, what was I so worried about?” I won’t make you be who you are not. I won’t make you move in ways you do not. I want to really and truly make sure you have photos that you feel comfortable in and will remind you of this time so many years from now, and only stir true emotions of your happiness and beauty.

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